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Riot Helmet - Straight Face Shield

Riot Helmet - Straight Face Shield

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Made of reinforced, high impact fiberglass with shock padding on the interior, this helmet protects the head, face and back of neck from from hard objects, liquids and blunt force trauma.  

The Face shield is made of clear polycarbonate (3mm thick) and the Neck protection is made of natural leather (1cm thick)

 Impact and Temperature Tested

Face shield tested and passed with 2lbs of pressure at temperatures of 120 and -4 degrees
Anti-fogging face shield passed when tested at 120 + 40 degrees being submerged and put in open air

Key Features

  • Helmet made of high impact fiberglass
  • Shock padded interior
  • Polycarbonate face shield
  • Leather neck protector
  • Weight: Approx. 3.5lbs
  • Size: One Size fits Most. (Adjustable)
  • Color: Matte black non-reflective