"Elite Tactical Gear For Elite Warriors"

Meet The Owner


Michael J Pereira is Owner & CEO of Tactical Elite L.L.C. As a Marine Corps veteran with 3 combat deployments in Iraq, he has expert knowledge about Tactical Gear. Michael has experience with a variety of gear he used in training and combat. He knows what type of gear works best in the many challenges and situations on the battlefield and what gear you need to get the job done.


In addition to being a Marine Corps Veteran, Micheal has experience working as a private security officer and has an Associate Degree in Business.

Michael started Tactical Elite not just to sell products, he started the company because he is passionate about the mission.

" My times on the front lines are over, but I still want to be involved. That's why I started this company. My mission is to supply & equip warriors on the front line with elite quality gear, whether they are on a military battlefield as soldiers, a city street as police officers and Fire/Ems personal, or security personal protecting private property."

 Michael is also a believer in personal protection and preparedness.

" I believe every responsible law abiding citizen should have access to gear that will enhance their emergency preparedness and increase their self defense capabilities for them and their family." 

When you get your gear from Tactical Elite you can be sure you are getting top quality products and know that you are supporting a business owned by a Marine Corps Veteran, Husband, Father, Christian and Patriotic American that is passionate about supplying the warriors on the front lines.