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Pandemic Protection Kit [SGE400/3 Gas Mask]
Pandemic Protection Kit [SGE400/3 Gas Mask]

Pandemic Protection Kit [SGE400/3 Gas Mask]

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" Full Body Protection"
This kit is made from top quality equipment to provide full body protection from BioHazard threats such as, Infectious Diseases (Virus, Bacteria) Microorganisms, or any biological substance that poses a threat to the health of Human Beings.

Kit Contents:

  • SGE400/3 Gas Mask with CBRN Filter
  • Tyvek® 400 Protective Suit (Size LG/XL)
  • LionGrip (8 mil) Black Nitrile Gloves

SGE400/3 Gas Mask with CBRN Filter

The SGE 400/3 gas mask has 3x 40mm filter ports (left, right and center) Soft inner orinasal cup quick release harness with six adjustable straps. Controlled air flow prevents fogging of the visor.
The SGE-400/3 model provides full facial coverage and has a special resin coating applied to the polycarbonate visor which provides additional scratch & chemical resistance.

 Tyvek®400 Protective Suit

Tyvek 400 provides an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort. These garments are composed of flash spun high density polyethylene which creates a unique, non-woven material. This suit features Coverall with elastic cuffs, attached hood and FC boots that have special coating to provide added skid-resistance. (SIZE LG/XL)

LionGrip (8mil) Black Nitrile Gloves

These gloves are Chemical & Biohazard Resistant, 8 millimeters thick/Industrial strength, and Latex free made from 100% Nitrile