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NBC 40mm NATO Filter
NBC 40mm NATO Filter

NBC 40mm NATO Filter

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This filter canister was developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to provide protection against all known NBC agents in the form of vapors and aerosols.
  • Nuclear - any type of radioactive contaminants
  • Biological - anthrax, smallpox or any virus or bacteria
  • Chemical - mustard gas, ricin, VX, and sarin gas, ect.

      It is specially designed for comfort and extended use at a minimal physiological load, having low breathing resistance and low weight. Its design assures optimal performance complying with all IDF specifications as well as the performance requirements of the American Army C2 filter canister.
      The filter is supplied with a standard Nato thread 40MM and is thus compatible with almost all military and industrial respirators. These filters are supplied sealed with leak proof plastic caps, assuring a shelf life of 25 years.


      • New, Unused NBC Filter, Color Black
      • Fits standard 40 mm gas mask
      • Made to NATO Specifications
      • 25 Year Shelf Life (Manufactured 2017 - 2020)