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SGE 400/3 GAS MASK / Filter
SGE 400/3 GAS MASK / Filter

SGE 400/3 GAS MASK / Filter

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The SGE 400/3 is High-End/Premium Designed CBRN & NBC Protective Mask made in Italy & assembled in USA .  
Effective Protection Against:
Chemical - Biological - Radiological - Nuclear - Riot Agents - Toxic Vapors & Gases - Industrial Chemicals - Viruses - Bacteria - Molds - Spores - Fungus - Toxic industrial materials - Weaponized Bio-Agents

The SGE 400/3 gas mask has 3x 40mm filter ports (left, right and center) Soft inner orinasal cup quick release harness with six adjustable straps. Controlled air flow prevents fogging of the visor.

Unlike other mask designs, the full facial coverage provides wearers with full visibility additional face protection from flying debris.
The extremely durable polycarbonate visor has been tested to resist a one inch steel ball, that was propelled at 335 MPH without cracking or damaging the face shield.The mask was also tested for heat resistance and will not catch fire or melt at 800 Degrees C (1472 F) for 5 Sec. or 200 degrees C (372 F) for a duration of 6 Min. 
The SGE-400/3 models have a special resin coating applied to the polycarbonate visor which provides additional scratch & chemical resistance.