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Flameless Tactical Lighter
Flameless Tactical Lighter

Flameless Tactical Lighter

Tactical Elite L.L.C
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The Last Lighter You Will Ever Buy!

This lighter uses ‘Arc plasma’ technology to produce a wind-resistant & water resistant spark without using fluid or a flame. Built military tough for the harshest conditions, this lighter is perfect for tactical situations, as well as hunting, camping, and emergency survival.

How it Works

When you press the square black button on your Tactical Lighter, the arc plasma technology built into the design of the lighter will allow it to activate itself without a flame or fluid. Once it has lit up, you'll be able to transfer its heat wherever you want without it being extinguished by wind or even water, such as that coming from rain.


  • Rechargeable/100 lights per charge
  • ‘Arc plasma’ spark is wind-proof & water-resistant
  • Durable hard outer casing with cap.
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Comes with USB Charging cable 

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