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Chemical Decon Field Kit
Chemical Decon Field Kit

Chemical Decon Field Kit

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Decontamination Field Kit

Perfect For Law Enforcement, Security, EMS & Non-Lethal Force Instructors!!!

The Decon Field Kit has all the tools you need for safe & effective decontamination from Non-Lethal Chemical Agents.

This includes CS & CN Tear Gas, OC Pepper Spray and other similar chemical agents.

The Decon Field Kit is packaged in a heavy duty resealable plastic pouch.This compact pouch can be stored in a vehicle, duty bag or can fit in a cargo pocket.

Inside the kit is 10 Cobra Decon Wipes, 1 Decon Aerosol Spray, 1 Eye Wash Adapter, and 1 Dry Wipe Cotton Towel.


Cobra Decon Wipes

These wipes have a cleaning formula that Lifts & Neutralizes contaminating agents from the skin providing relief from Pain and Burning. 

  • Open wipe and unfold.
  • Rub across affected area, working up a lather.
  • Let lather remain on skin for 1-2 min. 
  • Rinse with water and dry thoroughly

Decon Aerosol Spray

This Decon (1.8 oz) Aerosol Spray is an aerosol mist containing saline solution. The spray helps remove particulate matter and irritating chemicals from the eyes. It may be used as a wash to reduce irritation from tear gas, OC pepper spray and other chemicals.

  • Hold up right 12 inches from subject. Spray liberally on all contaminated areas.
  • Blot affected area with dry cloth. Do Not Rub.

Eye Wash Adapter

SABRE'S Eye Wash Adapter provides a simple solution to turn most water bottles into an eye wash device.

  • Insert eye wash adapter into water bottle.
  • Twist eye wash adapter onto bottle to create a tight seal.
  • Gently squeeze to create a fountain of water to help flush contaminants from eye.

Dry Wipe Cotton Towel

  • Use to wipe away and dry affected area after decontamination treatment. 


Product Details

  • Kit size (w6" x h8")


  • 1-Sabre Decon Spray (1.8oz)
  • 10-Cobra Decon Wipes
  • 1-Sabre Eye Wash Adapter (water bottles not included) 
  • 1-Dry Wipe Cotton Towel (28"x 29")