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Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit
Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit
Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit
Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit
Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit

Avon FM53 Gas Mask Kit

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One Mask All Missions

The FM53 system was developed to address the multiple threats encountered on the modern battlefield, war on terrorism and peace keeping operations.  It provides protection against traditional chemical and biological warfare agents and select toxic industrial materials (TIMs).



  • The flexible, panoramic eye lens minimizes visual stress and maximizes field of view; provides ballistic protection and scratch resistance
  • 6 point skull cap head harness with low profile pre-adjusted brow straps
  • Fail safe, high flow hydration system
  • The unique chlorobutyl/silicone blend face piece material ensures the mask is not only high in protection but also provides a better seal and is more comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • Flexible face piece provides superior cheek-to-stock weld for weapons integration
  • Reduced buckle size for suit/helmet integration
  • Mask integrates with NFPA Class 2 and 3 suits
  • Integrated voice communications capability with internal microphone for radio and voice projection unit use


  • FM53 Gas Mask
  • GPC F50 Filter
  • Voice Projection Unit (VPU)
  • Mask Carrier